‘NOMAD’ – One man’s struggle for survival in Niugini.

Wewak to the Islands

Wewak a beautiful town on, north coast, New Guinea – who would think it could hide such evil.

John ‘Hairy’ Richards starts the aviation company in Papua New Guinea. Staff change, accidents happen but the company is successful. In a tale of PNG aviation history, come on a journey of endeavor, hits and misses, through the lives of one of the many intrepid families who rode the wave of Independence and carved out their own slice of history. In a brutal attack, highland warriors assault Hairy. papua_new_guineaTraditional men with clubs, bows and arrows. This was no chance robbery by raskals. Could it be James Booker, wanting complete control? Or maybe the opposing airlines are fed-up with the competition.

Hairy undergoes miraculous surgery and is then medivaced to Brisbane; doctors doubt he will survive. Booker offers plenty for the shares. Hairy is suspicious, should he sell and release control?

Entwined in these pages are memories of Papua New Guinea’s, early, post Independence, aviation history and a memoir of actual events.


Winston Brown JPEG  About the Author

Winston Brown spent seventeen years of his life in Papua New Guinea, where he held a commercial pilot licence along with a flight instructor rating. He now resides in Atherton on the tablelands above Cairns.
Whilst having been in managerial positions most of his working life, he does appreciate that writing a novel is another genre compared to compiling business reports and correspondence. In order to prepare, he has read fifty novels over the last eighteen months and completed a creative writing course at TAFE, along with attending the Premier’s Writer’s Workshop. His curriculum vitae and notes detail his broad life experiences and enable you to ascertain the extent of his background.

Winston barely survived an assault in Papua New Guinea, but masterful medical help enabled his complete recovery from extensive brain damage, creating news headlines. He appreciates the rich social environment of New Guinea where, in spite of the primitive aspect, communities resemble country Australia with people caring and helping one another. With his years of business experience serving the public, he is capable and confident communicating with all levels of society. Personally, he has led a very active sporting life, but now likes to train each day at home to maintain a level of fitness appropriate for his age.

As his personal knowledge of Papua New Guinea is extensive, he is confident of his ability to produce many, marketable books.


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